Corporate & Commercial

Representation services related to clients’ corporate structure

  • Analysis of the client’s existing or contemplated structure; tailored structuring
  • Drafting / preparation of the necessary documentation for the registration formalities
  • Handling of the required documentation (Articles of Incorporation, standard forms, requests towards authorities)
  • Representation before Romanian State bodies, inclusive of the Trade Register, Ministry of Economy and Commerce and Tax Authorities (if requested) during the registration process
  • If required, representation of clients before financial institutions (e.g. services related to the payment of the share capital), before landlords (for concluding the rental agreements) or before the Government (for obtaining their acceptance, in case a company requires to use the word “Romania” within its name)

Representation services related to authorization procedures

  • Advisory services related to the authorizations necessary to be obtained, considering the client’s specific line of business
  • Drafting / preparation of the necessary documentation for the authorization formalities
  • Performance of payments concerning the necessary taxes, in accordance with the client’s instructions as well as obtaining the necessary confirmations
  • Meeting with the authorities for the authorization processes

Legal Services related to civil law practice

  • drafting and reviewing commercial agreements taking into account the specific nature of any industry
  • legal advisory services regarding interpretation of legal issues arising in the course of business operations
  • legal advisory services regarding the enactment of new laws, as well as implementation of necessary changes resulting from such legal framework changes
  • drafting memoranda and legal opinions regarding companies’ on-going operations
  • development of commercial transactions schemes

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