Employment Law

Individual Employment Agreements

  • drafting and amending individual employment agreements;
  • drafting the necessary documentation related to the termination of individual employment agreements;
  • legal advice and assistance on concluding settlement agreements for both regular employees and top management;
  • legal advice and assistance in negotiation of the “termination package” for employees having management positions.

General Employment Related Matters

  • drafting special clauses in individual employment agreements, including but not limited to: non-competition clause, confidentiality clause, mobility clause, etc. ;
  • legal advice on prohibitions to terminate employment agreement;
  • delivering practical solutions to day-to-day employment issues re: wages and bonus payment, overtime, etc.

Internal Regulations

  • drafting and amending / reviewing of the Internal Regulations and the internal procedures applicable at the employer’s level

Collective Bargaining Agreements

  • drafting Collective Bargaining Agreements;
  • assisting clients in negotiation and execution of Collective Bargaining Agreements, as well as in the settlement of several disputes arising therefore;
  • advising clients on dealing with the Trade Unions or with the employees’ representatives for collective negotiations, strikes, maternity and parental leave issues, working hours and discrimination.

Individual and Collective Lay-Offs

  • advising on drafting termination of employment legal documents and on performing legal stages of lay-off procedures;
  • assisting management in negotiations with unions on lay-off conditions;
  • performing legal analysis regarding lay-off procedure.

Business Restructuring Programs

  • design, drafting and implementation of restructuring / transfer programs;
  • legal advice to clients on restructuring transaction further to mergers and acquisitions procedures, reorganisation of business;
  • assisting the management in the enforcement of the restructuring programs with a view to maintaining compliance with the company’s collective bargaining agreement;
  • drafting the Secondment Agreement of the seconded employees in case of externalization of specific services;
  • legal advice and assistance with regard to the rights of the taken-over staff in case of transfer of business and drafting the Transfer of Business Agreements.

Due Diligence

  • drafting due diligence reports with a focus on employment law issues

Expatriates’ Labor Regime

  • assistance on expatriates employment regulations and requirements, including staying / working permits and visas necessary to foreign individuals for working in Romania;
  • completion of formalities necessary for expatriates to work in Romania.

Mediation of labor disputes

  • assisting parties in order to mediate the disputes.

Social Security Law

  • counseling employers on social charges / pension arrangements / social security entitlements during maternity and temporary work incapacity;
  • regulatory and compliance services

Employment Litigation

  • assisting and representing clients’ interests in pre-litigation negotiation and litigation in connection with complaints under the collective bargaining agreements and individual employment agreements

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