Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Assistance related to structuring M&A transactions;
  • Performance of limited or extensive (full scope of work) legal due-diligence in order to assess the significant issues regarding the target company; structuring and implementation of the M&A transaction agreed-upon steps and stages;
  • Delivering guidance / assessment, from a competition law perspective, of the potential risk(s) regarding an envisaged transaction;
  • Obtaining, from Competition Council, of the necessary clearance(s); Negotiation of solutions, when required for clearance, with the relevant competition authorities;
  • Preparing notifications to the regulatory authorities;
  • Preparing relevant documentation, including shareholders-related agreements; assisting clients in the process of negotiation of the documentation;
  • Drafting merger / spinoff plans and the related documents (e.g. administrators report on the merger/spinoff, assets delivery receipt protocols, etc.);
  • Drafting all other necessary documents for the registration and implementation of the M&A transaction, including but not limited to all required resolutions, declarations, affidavits, up-dated articles of incorporation;
  • Assisting and representing clients with a view to implementation (e.g.registrations with the relevant Romanian authorities, including but not limited to the Trade Registry and competent court of law);
  • Post-Merger / Spinoff services (e.g. assistance and representation in front of the Romanian Land Book for the purpose of registering the transfer of the ownership rights over real-estate transferred as result of the merger / spinoff).

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