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Our current vacancies

Posted on 13.03.2023:

Avocat Senior – Corporate & Compliance (deadline 13.04.2023)

  230313_DunceaStefanescu_Anunt Recrutare_Avocat Definitiv Corporate_Compliance


Posted on 10.01.2023:

Avocati Seniori – Consultanta (deadline 06.02.2023)

  230110_DunceaStefanescu_Anunt Recrutare_Avocati Definitivi Consultanta


Posted on 24.10.2022:

Avocati Seniori – Consultanta si Litigii (deadline 21.11.2022)

  221024_DunceaStefanescu_Anunt Recrutare_Avocati Definitivi


Posted on 11.03.2022:

Attorneys-at-Law  –   Corporate and Compliance | M&A   (deadline 15.04.2022)

  220311_DunceaStefanescu_Anunt Recrutare_Avocati Definitivi