Insolvency & Restructuring


  • Drafting petitions in insolvency to be submitted to the court of law in order for the clients to be registered as creditors in the table of receivables of the insolvent company;
  • Drafting any other required documents such as requests and petitions addressed to the court of law and / or the judicial administrator / liquidator;
  • Assisting and representing clients, both creditors and debtors, in front of the competent courts of law and / or the judicial administrator / liquidator;
  • Representing clients during the meetings of the creditors and / or creditors’ committees;
  • Identifying settlement opportunities / restructuring strategies to be inserted in the plan of company’s reorganization


  • Analysis of the applicable legal provisions and statutory / corporate documents in order to identify the most suitable / tailored courses of action and implementation solutions;
  • Drafting potential restructuring scenarios, including the legal aspects to be considered when preparing a scheme, as well as the legal procedures necessary in order to implement the envisaged scenarios;
  • Drafting all other necessary documents for the registration and implementation of the restructuring process;
  • Assisting and representing clients with the competent Romanian authorities, including but not limited to the Trade Registry and competent court of law for the implementation / registration / authorization of the chosen restructuring scenario.

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Managing Partner